PAMA In Minecraft


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I am proud to show off (working) PAMA in minecraft from Minecraft Story Mode Ep. 7.

You are able to turn it on and off and it will ask you for an item. You can say yes or no and it will react to your response. I build it first in a creative test world and then rebuild it on the server. (Side facts: Same Screen Size (36x27) and Same lights for happy, mad and clam face. How to get to it is to go to my warp (/warp mooing_cowmilk) and go down the stairs in the store. Feedback will be good to see what's good and what to add. More thing will be added to PAMA in the future. (PS If it breaks tell me so I can wonder about what I did wrong and fix it)
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UPDATE Added Item counter and secret function.

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nice creation dude