Minecraft Server Information


Supreme Commander


The GND-Tech Minecraft server is primarily a Survival based server. We are open to any and all suggestions on how to make the server an enjoyable experience for everyone. Installed is the latest version of Spigot with many plugins that enhance gameplay. To connect, you need to have a valid license of the game. Please connect to: gnd-mc.com to start building! We also have a live map of all the worlds on the server you can view by going to http://mc.gnd-tech.com and clicking on the 'Live Map' button. Land in our server is claimed my marking a plot of land using /sethome. Please refrain from building right next to someone else's property (approx. 300 blocks). A general rule would be line of sight minimum but greater distance is recommended. Also, as a general rule, theft of property or defacing property that is not your own will not be tolerated.

At the moment our server is Permissions Based. If you are a guest, you will be unable to build or mine anything. We are open to newcomers joining if they promise to abide by the server rules.  Any admin or moderator can approve you ingame.

And don't forget... Enjoy!